Welcome to my Educational Technology Portfolio! Here you will find information and class assignments from my MAT technology class. Enjoy!


Is technology and social media a shift in our way of thinking and communicating? Yes, our students now speak this new tech savvy language. In order to bridge the divide, connect, and make content relevant; we must be able to integrate technology and speak their language.


What is the technology culture at Thunder Mountain High School (TMHS)? We researched to find out. Click here to find TMHS rules, regulations, internet access/speed, available computers/laptops/labs, etc.

Energy Project: Comparing Bike and Car Commuting

Which is better commuting by bike or car? Not only did I conserve gas (and help the environment), I save money, burned more calories than a typical day at the gym, and had more time in the day for… MAT classes and lesson planning! 🙂

Digital Story: Elizabeth Peratrovich

A five minute movie about Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich: highlighting her contributions in the fight for equality in Alaska and the passing of Alaska’s (and the Nation’s first) Anti-Discrimination Act.

My Teacher Social Networking Page (Edmodo)

Join Edmodo to network with your students and other teachers to get tips and ideas from people in your content area!

Mara’s Individual Education Plan for Technology: iMovie 

My spring goal for improvement in a technical arena was to become a better iMovie maker. Throughout the semester, I made multiple iMovies, used them in class as a teaching aid, and developed a two week unit for students to create their own iMovies as a culminating project.


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