Mara’s Individual Education Plan for Technology

 A focus on iMovie

My individual educational plan (IEP) for technology is to advance my skills in iMovie and make more enhanced/professional videos.

Making my first iMovie about my educational philosophy showed me how easy and accessible it is to make a movie. In addition to this, having an iPhone has enabled me to take pictures and videos on a daily basis. Both of these elements contribute to a culture where one can make videos quickly, thus giving it more practicality and use inside the classroom to aid in both teacher and student-centered learning. These contributing factors have inspired me to increase the time I spend making movies by making more. My goals are to use footage and photos that I take with my iPhone to make videos more often (both personal and for educational purposes), learn new tools within iMovie, and integrate products from other programs like Photoshop. I would also like to purchase the newest iMovie for my laptop and make more movies on my iPhone.

My top two technology goals for my IEP are to:

1) Integrate movie usage into my classroom by making my own videos that students can access in and out of the classroom.

2) Design long-term projects around my content where my students are learning about technology and content while creating their own media (transferring class content into a real life product.


After making my first iMovie, I was inspired to learn more and make more videos. Because the learning curve was so fast when I made my first movie, my evidence of development is not necessarily learning how to use the basics of the program (because I have already done that), but focuses more on expanding my knowledge of how to use more advanced tools within the program, incorporating other programs to enhance my product, and simply spending more time with iMovie to increase my comfort, efficiency, and knowledge of operations within the program.

Mara’s iMovie Development of Technical Expertise, Dec. 2011 to Present-Day

  • I spent more time “getting to know” the iMovie application
    • I made five iMovies since my initial Educational Philosophy video. One was personal and the rest where quick unedited videos that I used in class (see below). Each movie taught me something different about iMovie (how to edit on my iPhone, use Photoshop, make a video without many bells and whistles).
  • I made a personal iMovie on my iPhone
    • I bought iMovie for my iPhone and made a fifteen-minute movie for my two and a half year old nephew at Christmas time. The movie was a compilation of movies and pictures (that I took on my iPhone) during the two-week vacation we had together in Washington and Arizona.
    • I put together two very short unedited iMovies on my iPhone and uploaded them to YouTube for my 4th and 5th period Bill of Rights Gestures Test (see below). Students accessed the video and used it as a study guide.
  • I made three iMovies to enhance classroom learning
    • I filmed student gestures in class (example: a gesture for each of the amendments in the Bill of Rights, along with a sentence or phrase to go along with it) and then published it to YouTube for my students to access and study before taking the test in class.
  • I made my most advanced video
    • I made my longest professional video, over five minutes, about Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich. I learned about new tools and applications I was not familiar with.
  • Photoshop: I used Photoshop to crop, enhance, and add arrows and titles to photos used in my Elizabeth Peratrovich movie.
  • Voice Trimmer: I trimmed the beginnings and endings off of voice-overs in my Elizabeth Peratrovich movie.
  • Precision Editor: Using precision editor, I did have to guess in order to get the correct timing.


iMovie Unit Plan (3 weeks)


I am excited about my IEP because it is based off of a unit I just did, but had to alter because I had limited access to computers. It is a topic and design that I understand intimately, am passionate about, and that I have tweaked in my IEP to be even better. These are lesson plans that can be applied in both middle and high school social studies curriculum and one that I see myself teaching as a first year teacher. That makes my IEP an investment and a project I look forward in doing with my future students.

This summer, I am excited to make more movies for both personal and academic purposes. I have a genuine interest capturing videos on my phone and using my collection of pictures to make a final product (books, movies, etc). For the last ten years, I have collected hundreds of digital pictures that sit on my computer and occasional get printed or posted somewhere. I really love that I can now make a video to share with others. I love iMovie because it is a quick and easy way to share pictures/stories, communicate, encourage interaction, and learning.

Learning is never over. While I feel like I have made a lot of progress with iMovie this semester, I know that there is so much more to learn. Making a movie can get obsessive and compulsive; what you can do and make better is never-ending. I am eager to continue my ongoing (lifelong) education in movie making and other applications and technologies (iPads J). As a teacher (and student), I believe full heartedly that technology is a tool that speaks a new and profound language that students need in their academic setting to reach full understanding. I believe it is critical, as a present day facilitator of education, to incorporate interesting technology projects into my curriculum; inviting and encouraging community engagement in my classroom, and constantly challenging students to grow as learners in as many aspects and ways as possible.



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